Feasibility Proposal: Audi S6 Sill Cover Dilemma

Date: 4 May 2021 To: Audi Marketing Department From: Michael Melvin Subject: Proposal For Feasibility Study During a recent Usability study of changing a tire on a 2018 Audi S6, it became apparent that there are many downsides to the sill cover. As someone who changes my tires twice a year, I find it frustrating…

How To Change A Tire On An Audi S6 ( With Pictures)

9 April 2021- Michael Melvin Instructions: Opening The TrunkEssential MaterialsLug WrenchCap RemoverJackRetrieving Spare TireFinding and Removing Sill PanelRaising The CarTaking Off The NutsRemoving The TirePutting The Wheel Back OnLower and Tighten -Opening The Trunk- Open Up your Trunk -Essential Materials- -Retrieving Spare Tire- Take Lug Wrench and Loosen Each Lug Nut Half a Turn Counter-…

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