How I Got my Art Displayed in a Beijing Art Exhibition

Michael Melvin – 18 March 2021

In the far right corner of the room there is an installation piece of a fist spray- painted on a rock wall.

First I would like to note, I have no idea how this happened in the first place. Initially I was in Beijing studying abroad with the China Institute. Low and behold, this trip would be a once in a lifetime experience.

As kid who has grown up in the psychotic dream dystopia that is greenwich, I had some idea of Chinese culture. However, once I actually stepped foot into mainland China, I was astounded by how completely different their culture was to that of the West.

If you are not from China, the best mindset to understand this situation is:

“China does what china wants to do and if you think you know china you don’t.”

Actually, they have a new style of toilet, which was as it was explained to me; the more natural way. But, I digress.

So anyway I made art for this dudes exhibition, which would go all along the coast of China.

I make this sick sculpture out of bricks and spray-painted the thing.

After returning from China, turns out this man robbed me of my fame and took it to is art shows.

If anyone finds this art piece let me know because I made it and I wonder how she is doing. And yes it is a ‘she’.

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