Vacant Dreams: Contemporary Street Art

Modern Experience With Contemporary Street Art

In my project, I will be looking at different forms of expression in the form of modern contemporary street art. Through exploring this unique form of art, this exhibition should be marketed as ‘Vacant Dreams’ as my introduction to the Syracuse Street Artist Vacant got me started on this journey through Contemporary Street Art both domestically and globally.

In exploring Street Art during this semester at Syracuse University, I have found that much of the art is very distinctively unique. Each individual piece has a different interpretation that is known to the consumer. By looking at these pieces, there is almost a disconnect between art and meaning. However, it is through discovering the meaning of each on your own that one can make meaning for themselves in the form of an experience.

For the most part the text displayed in my exhibition reflects the attitude of the writer, which would be myself. However, I ask you as a reader to take view apart from my own. I ask you to look at the text with an open mind in the form of something similar to the omnipresent. In these texts, I chose to write in a light and readable tone similar to a personality one would see on a blog. By including other notable artists, we allow the reader to make connections outside of the text. 

An unusual object in Lisburn by Albert Bridge is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Through looking at actual objects that can be seen at Syracuse University, I have linked an experience to a physical object which people will see as they walk to class. It was very upsetting to see that our hard work on the bench was desecrated by a bunch of heathens. However, in looking at this action, I actually laugh. As everytime I see the vandalism, I am reminded that someone took time out of there day to go do that. People don’t understand how priceless time actually is. So for someone to take time out of their day to do something like this, it is actually a treat to humanity. Plus it’s just a bench that can easily be sanded down and then repainted, similar to Banksy who destroyed his artwork in public.

Apollo 12 Mission image – Astronaut Charles Conrad Jr., Apollo 12 commander, using a 70mm handheld Haselblad camera by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

Each image displayed in this exhibit has a specific reason to be here. In reading various books on the Kindle E-reader, I was able to understand just how big of a phenomenon street art really was. Street Art has began to infiltrate countries globally and through these pieces, many connections have been made culturally through collaboration and respect for what can be considered contemporary art.

As I was putting together my webpage, I have been listening to music I have been saving in Soundcloud. As an active user and sometimes a creator, I have used this platform for years. It was very helpful that WordPress had the ability to include a Soundcloud link. By also including the image above, WordPress shows that it has much application in the realm of plugins and add-ons.



In looking back at my progress throughout the semester, I am so grateful to have a class that was so helpful in providing me with insight into the production of this exhibition. Ever since I received news of the artist Vacant in Syracuse by Maggie Sardino, I was unable to escape the rearing eyes which take their rest on the many facades of Syracuse, NY. Thanks to Professor Kevin Adonis Browne, I was able to understand much about Street Art and we were able to discuss the many ways in which politically and socially this form of artwork was able to see newfound ways of success and how it became revolutionized through artists like Basquiat in high art sphere and the smaller art and fashion circles through strategic vandalists like Katsu. We also brought up Bushwick Streets Art Collective in Brooklyn, which became a huge talking point as the art was able to fully revitalize the town and engage in the cross-cultural narrative that transcends global boundaries. By inviting artists from other cultures and continents, The Bushwick collective was able to put the spot on the map for the whole globe. People still travel to Bushwick Street internationally to see a unique form of art that’s canvas takes the form of a public facade. In looking at Syracuse, I hope that they see this new artist Vandal as an artist and not a Vandal. Seeing the eyes coming back to Syracuse from Michigan, I instantly felt that I was back home and I think that is how many people feel about the more thought-provoking and anti-aesthetic throw-ups. By providing a sense of lust for the Avante- garde aesthetic, I feel that we will be able to have greater conversations around public vs. private thought.

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