Message to Our Viewers

Combating Anti Asian Bias 

As we become aware of the recent shootings, we are forced to look at how our day to day interactions affect people. As a business we are determined to set a high moral standard, so we can bring a new era. It is time for America to wake up and protect our fellow citizens regardless of our cultural differences. Anti- Asian bias is everywhere on the news and this topic can sometimes be difficult for some people to bring up in discussion. However, we feel that it is our ethical responsibility to shine light on the topic and figure out ways we can avoid Anti- Asian rhetoric in everyday situations.

Having Anti Asian Bias in the workforce may lead to a slippery slope dilemma as our employees have a direct responsibility to the ethical narrative of our brand.

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There have been countless reports on race- targeted harassment and violence, including shunning in many communities. Due to the silent nature of shunning, people are able to outcast certain individuals in order to make you feel out of place.

As a company we are doing everything possible to combat Anti Asian bias, however we look to the government to help make a greater change in our communities, so that we can finally enjoy domestic stability. 


Brennan stated, ‘incidents of racist misconduct or brutality’ resulted from ‘unconscious manifestations of bias’.(Brennan 2020). Thus, what you should take away from this is that racism can be silent and sometimes your inactions can be detrimental towards others who need help. 

In order to promote an open culture we need to make sure racist acts aren’t overlooked and educate people on how racism can lead to hate and violence.

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