How To Change A Tire On An Audi S6 ( With Pictures)

How to Change a Tire on an Audi S6

9 April 2021- Michael Melvin


  • Opening The Trunk
  • Essential Materials
    • Lug Wrench
    • Cap Remover
    • Jack
  • Retrieving Spare Tire
  • Finding and Removing Sill Panel
  • Raising The Car
  • Taking Off The Nuts
  • Removing The Tire
  • Putting The Wheel Back On
  • Lower and Tighten

Opening The Trunk

Open Up your Trunk

Clear Trunk Area and Pull Up on Tab
Attach Clip to Top of Trunk so it Holds the Cover Open

-Essential Materials-

Note: Underneath the Spare Tire are the Essential Materials you will need to Change a Tire(i.e. Lug Wrench, Cap Remover, Jack)

Retrieving Spare Tire

You should be seeing this

Unscrew Spare Tire Lock and Remove Tire
Roll Tire to Wheel

Take Lug Wrench and Loosen Each Lug Nut Half a Turn Counter- Clockwise while Wheel is on the Ground

Take Lug Wrench and Loosen Each Lug Nut Half a Turn while Wheel is on the Ground

Finding and Removing Sill Panel

Locate Sill Panel

Note: Sill Panels Located on Four Points of Cars Base Near each Wheel
Remove Sill Panel (Out and Down)

-Raising The Car-

You will Find the Jack in the Trunk

Refer to Map of Essential Materials.

10. Align Car Jack so that it is Under the Lifting Point

Note: The Cylindrical Side of the Jack should Fit perfectly in the Sill
Rotate the Jack Handle Clockwise; Raising the Car off the ground

Taking Off The Nuts

Unscrew each Lug Nut

Lug Nut

Removing The Tire

Wrap your arms around the wheel and Remove the Tire

-Putting The Wheel Back On-

Fix New Tire On Wheel Base and Tighten Lug Nuts according to Tightening Order

Tightening Order

-Lower and Tighten-

Lower Jack by Turning Counter- Clockwise
Firmly Tighten Lug Nuts when car is on the ground
Click Sill Panel Back Onto Car
Note: Sill Panels Located on Four Points of Cars Base near each wheel

There You have it. You have changed your tire.

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