Feasibility Proposal: Audi S6 Sill Cover Dilemma

Date: 4 May 2021 To: Audi Marketing Department From: Michael Melvin Subject: Proposal For Feasibility Study During a recent Usability study of changing a tire on a 2018 Audi S6, it became apparent that there are many downsides to the sill cover. As someone who changes my tires twice a year, I find it frustratingContinue reading “Feasibility Proposal: Audi S6 Sill Cover Dilemma”

How To Change A Tire On An Audi S6 ( With Pictures)

9 April 2021- Michael Melvin Instructions: Opening The Trunk Essential Materials Lug Wrench Cap Remover Jack Retrieving Spare Tire Finding and Removing Sill Panel Raising The Car Taking Off The Nuts Removing The Tire Putting The Wheel Back On Lower and Tighten –Opening The Trunk– Open Up your Trunk -Essential Materials- –Retrieving Spare Tire– TakeContinue reading “How To Change A Tire On An Audi S6 ( With Pictures)”