Leave No Trace Eversource

13 May 2021- Greenwich, CT

Dear Eversource,

I would like to make you aware of how your business is costing us extra money, due to the fact that your workers came over to cut down one of our trees. We were told that they wanted to remove the tree because it was old and a liability. Little did we know, but your employees were focused on only the top portion which was in direct range of the adjacent power lines.

As someone who agreed to them cutting down our tree, I was surprised when there was a pile of wood left out for almost a week. The damage done by these trees sitting on our yards is easily visible. Due to the fact that the wood piles were sitting on grass, much of our grass on our front lawn is in disarray.

Also, the wood left on our lawn was a hazard for anyone trying to use our front lawn, including our puppy. After your employees left our property without proper tree disposal, our dog went on a rampage. This was unwarranted as he could have choked on a piece of tree.

In the efforts to promote fair work ethic, employees should be forced to dispose of their remnants before leaving. Each day the log covered our grass and our lawn was slowly dying. At this point it is too late to do anything and we will be spending extra money on growing our lawn out to where it was before your workers went through with their chainsaws and left their mess for us to clean up.

Luckily we called back and they are resolving some of our current issues with the tree that still stands. We were told that the tree would be completely removed. However, half the tree has been sitting there for a week and has been an eyesore for the neighborhood. In order to be more beneficial to the community, I feel that employees should be held accountable for there actions so that such an event doesn’t happen again.



Published by execfunctioning

Michael Melvin is a Writer, Musician, and Advocate. While attending Syracuse University he has been an active member on campus even holding positions in Greek Life and Clubs/Activities on campus. He has recently gained notoriety for his performance at the Wescott Theater, where he played music in a simulacrum which commented on the lack of discourse during the pandemic. Through a global pandemic, Melvin has come out as a resilient persona who questions modern conventions and looks for oppurtunites to adapt to newfound successes.

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