Progress Report: Audi Sill Cover

Sill Covers in red circles

My report covers the Sill Cover on the Audi S6. I believe that these covers are inexpensive and very difficult to operate. Personal interaction with the sill covers in the past resulted in my knuckles scraping against the asphalt and drawing blood. Now everytime I remove the sill cover, I bring a pair of gloves so that I can protect my hands. This should not be the case with an Audi sports car.

So far my work has come along well. Since I worked off of my initial usability report, Greenwich Audi has been made aware of my efforts. I actually gained interest from an employee Audi the other day saying they heard about my usability report and were very interested. In response, I told them that I would be doing a sill cover report and if they needed help with the upcoming Greenwich Polo event that I was their guy.

Because of my dialogue with Greenwich Audi, I feel that it will be very easy to get the information that I need to complete the project.

In the future, I am looking into expanding my research into the sill cover. I will compile information on Sill cover problems in the past and research how much it costs to build such a cheap piece of plastic.

In conclusion, I will be finding a cost efficient alternative to what Audi provides now as a sill cover. If I do this right, hopefully, I can get Audi on board to fix this inconvenience.

I think we should put together a report on why the Sill is not helpful, compile a bunch of reviews regarding removing this sill, and provide a solution. This can be done if I actually go out and get enough information from Audi and my test subjects in order to put together the report. I feel that this report should be simple, straightforward, and easy to use. By using graphs or diagrams, I feel that my idea might actually be accepted by Audi and then I am on to the next project.


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