Delta On Small Business: Shit Happens

Shit Happens draws upon the hardships that every individual faces. Due to the recent pandemic, many small startups like Shit Happens have been struggling to survive due to regulations and social distancing regulations. What once was promoted through expression of art in the form of Hip Hop/rap/trap has now turned into a business marketed through word of mouth. As a fan of this company and a supporter of the individuals who put in work on a daily basis, I was disgusted when a Delta flight attendant told me to take my hoodie off or I would not be allowed on the plane. When I heard this, I started to get really upset and was beginning to stand up for my rights. It was here that my father told me to silence myself so that we could get back home. I am happy that my father saved me from making a scene out of myself because we probably would have been booted off the flight considering Delta’s track record of banning people for similar reasons like not wearing a mask. Hopefully when the pandemic ends, Delta will check their hubris, but we can’t be sure of that.

When one feels oppression in any form it feels terrible. While, there are obviously greater degrees of oppression out in the world. It is our job to protect the citizens of the United States of America from having to deal with any oppressive figures. As one of the largest flight tycoons in the world, Delta holds power and assets beyond your wildest dreams. Yet, instead of providing more for its customers, the company uses this money to protect themselves from lawsuits and pump money into its shareholders based on a dialogue they are perpetuating systematically. This same dialogue is the reason that I was not able to wear my hoodie. Due to the fact that my hoodie said ‘shit’, the flight attendant believed that I was perpetuating hurtful imagery, however that is not the case. Shit happens stands for so much more. It stands for rising up and achieving success regardless of the obstacles people face on a day to day basis.

I believe that in these tough times, Delta needs to show a little humility. As a fan-girl of Socrates I believe that any leader in the face of an obstacle should utilize humility. However, in this scenario Delta seems to believe that they can just hide my complaint letters below thousands of new circulating news articles. Do not let Delta win and help the people gain back their rights to rep specific streetwear regardless of what it says. 

Published by execfunctioning

Michael Melvin is a Writer, Musician, and Advocate. While attending Syracuse University he has been an active member on campus even holding positions in Greek Life and Clubs/Activities on campus. He has recently gained notoriety for his performance at the Wescott Theater, where he played music in a simulacrum which commented on the lack of discourse during the pandemic. Through a global pandemic, Melvin has come out as a resilient persona who questions modern conventions and looks for oppurtunites to adapt to newfound successes.

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