Zed Run Horse Transfer

As someone who believes in Non- Fungible Tokens(NFTs) and their value in our current society, I was appalled by the horse transfer system in Zed Run. Zed Run is a virtual horse racing platform that contains NFT racehorses built and bred to race. These horses are fully built digitized horses with a lifespan equivalent to around 2,000 races. Zed Run, however, is not a children’s game as it has a really huge learning curve. The game features many categories, which play into the overall weight of the horse. These then play into helping the probability of the horse winning in a randomly simulated horse race. Some of these racehorses cost up to 22,000 – 1,000,000 USD, so it pains me to think of how easy it is to make a mistake on this platform.

Since the popularization of NFTs, Ethereum has experienced a boom so big that they are having trouble managing the demand. Due to the increased traffic, websites like Opensea, which is a marketplace for NFTs, have been bumping up gas prices on purchases. This means that if you want to purchase an NFT, you may be paying $200 for the ownership of this ethereum entity. For an expensive purchase that warrants so much in gas fees, there should be an easy navigable platform to race your horse on. So far Zed Run is not perfect, however, the future looks bright.

I actually bought a racehorse recently and had it in Open Sea. When trying to transfer my horse into my wallet, the system automatically popped up to transfer horses. I found this to be a red flag for the platform, as it makes it all too easy to transfer horses on the platform. This is especially dangerous as these horses are expensive and they do not make it easy for beginners. I feel that Zed Run should remove this feature as a GUI from the select racehorse section and maybe add a separate button at the top of the stable homepage. As we are in the initial phase of Ethereum and we are waiting on the new V2 to release any time this summer, it is frightening that the system is not completely easy to use. By making the system streamline, I feel that Zed Run could increase traffic. However, maybe there is too much traffic on the website currently and they are doing anything in their power to help preserve their platform before the V2 update.

Published by execfunctioning

Michael Melvin is a Writer, Musician, and Advocate. While attending Syracuse University he has been an active member on campus even holding positions in Greek Life and Clubs/Activities on campus. He has recently gained notoriety for his performance at the Wescott Theater, where he played music in a simulacrum which commented on the lack of discourse during the pandemic. Through a global pandemic, Melvin has come out as a resilient persona who questions modern conventions and looks for oppurtunites to adapt to newfound successes.

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