NFT Horse Racing; How I Bred a Horse in Zed Run?

July 30, 2021

Perpetual Motion Machine

“Here is an NFT that can be replicated. With the strong framework surrounding Zed Run, one can easily dominate a market run by virtual horse fanatics.”

Zed Run; The Horse Racing NFT

Candidate for Breeding NFTs

The previous owner bought it at 0.12. We bought it at 0.1.

Because ‘Zmu’ is a Mare she is able to breed in cycles.

Looking To Breed

I searched the breeding marketplace for stallion to breed. Finally I happened upon ‘Chain of Events’.

Big Stud in Town

There is a small fee that comes out of paying the stud owner to produce your new NFT.

Example of Stud Farm

This can range in prices, but I found a great option for not much.

Chain of Events
Highest Bidder on this Stallion

Stud Stats

Once the Stud is chosen and the breeding fees are accepted, both parties engage in a transaction which results in a new NFT Race Horse.

Owsley is Born


This was by far the most ideal situation an NFT could have as an attribute. Due to the nature of the woman horse and the breeding cababilities that comes with owning the NFT, I was able to reproduce my NFT. After Breeding my horse ‘Zmu’, I had created a very new NFT: ‘Owsley’.


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