That’s Just My Baby Dog: Internet Puppy Meme

One of my favorite new Tik Tok Trends is the ‘That’s Just My Baby Dog’ Trend. This trend involves showing off your puppy in the cutest light and has been done by many celebrities; man and puppy alike. The most well done Baby Dog Trend was probably done by Gronkowski and his little pooch Ralphie.Continue reading “That’s Just My Baby Dog: Internet Puppy Meme”

Post Pandemic Pop- up Skate Culture

Michael Melvin – 18 April 2021 During the pandemic, many people have turned to skateboarding because of its low-key positive culture. You may not believe this from what the media feeds you about skating, but no one really cares about what you think. The real skaters don’t care about who you are or what you’reContinue reading “Post Pandemic Pop- up Skate Culture”

Deliberate Abuse of People On The Spectrum

14 April 2021 – Michael Melvin  While people with autism may sometimes exhibit behaviors that are outside of conventional social norms, we need to be more accepting and understanding of their perspectives. Oftentimes, neurotypical people will show a lack of consideration, impatience, and frustration when interacting with autistic people. For someone not accustomed to dealingContinue reading “Deliberate Abuse of People On The Spectrum”

How To Change A Tire On An Audi S6 ( With Pictures)

9 April 2021- Michael Melvin Instructions: Opening The Trunk Essential Materials Lug Wrench Cap Remover Jack Retrieving Spare Tire Finding and Removing Sill Panel Raising The Car Taking Off The Nuts Removing The Tire Putting The Wheel Back On Lower and Tighten –Opening The Trunk– Open Up your Trunk -Essential Materials- –Retrieving Spare Tire– TakeContinue reading “How To Change A Tire On An Audi S6 ( With Pictures)”

Sometimes We Need a Wellness Day: Live Music Performance

Michael Melvin 23 Mar. 2020 [Greenwich, CT] – As it was Tango Tuesday and also Wellness Day, I thought I may play some music outdoors. There is something spiritual about playing music for nobody. I felt as if this installation piece captured the art of many trying to find balance in such a time ofContinue reading “Sometimes We Need a Wellness Day: Live Music Performance”

How I Got my Art Displayed in a Beijing Art Exhibition

Michael Melvin – 18 March 2021 In the far right corner of the room there is an installation piece of a fist spray- painted on a rock wall. First I would like to note, I have no idea how this happened in the first place. Initially I was in Beijing studying abroad with the ChinaContinue reading “How I Got my Art Displayed in a Beijing Art Exhibition”


So last night I finished most of my work for the day, when I got a call from my boy Jack. We received a snap from someone that the entire car community was meeting at a specific location. Upon receiving that text, we jumped in a my friends BMW. The boys were going storm chasing,Continue reading “I LOVE THE CAR COMMUNITY!”

Pinot Of the Day (POD)

Here are a few Pinots I have tried recently. Hope you enjoy my tasting notes. You can find @Melvin on Vivino. Kosta Brown Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 4.5 Garnet hue. Blackberry, Earthy, wet leaves, followed by a tart palate. Acidity with age nicely and break down heavy meats. Dry, but fruity. Raspberries,Continue reading “Pinot Of the Day (POD)”