Monday Aesthetic Of The Day; Purple/Pink/Blue Filters

Today is a day for trying new things. Try taking pictures with a purple filter. Put your photo into Adobe lightroom and try enhancing your photo and replacing dark lines with purple hues.

Edited in Adobe Lightroom

Heres a track to start your afternoon

This track would bump sitting on the beach drinking a bud light seltzer and staring out over the sea as the sun sets over the horizon.

Heres another one to continue your vibe into glossy purple hues resembling A$AP Mobs Yamborghini High music video.
Check in the Vibe section as I will be adding a link to my pinterest where you can see more photos that adhere to the purple-blue aesthetic.

Atlantic Ocean Sunrise; Edited in Adobe Lightroom

This Into by Tchami is something else. The percussive melodic elements are set to the vocals of gangsters paradise. Just wait until the next one.

Classic Electro House track by SBRN
Here at Melvin Blogs, we get that that shit can get tough and genres of interest may vary. It is for this reason that we try to include music from a broad range of artists not only in EDM/ trap. We also include chill mixes and will later be including links to playlists in other sections of the website.

This track featuring SharC is a great portrayal of how it feels to be winning from the perspective of SharC. The beat, however, kind of goes hard. especially the bass which bumps at intervals that naturally catch your attention. Great song to listen to alone in your room if you need to hype yourself up.

This anthem by Tritonal by Noisestorm is a great way to keep your productivity levels up. If you are going to the gym and need a hype playlist visit

Cry/ Dance Mix_02 by Kasbo

This is an especially chill mix by Kasbo. Enjoy a trip back in time about like 5 years. Kasbo is great at building and keeping attention with those soft synths and thick saw bass.

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