Feasibility Proposal: Audi S6 Sill Cover Dilemma

Date: 4 May 2021

To: Audi Marketing Department

From: Michael Melvin

Subject: Proposal For Feasibility Study

During a recent Usability study of changing a tire on a 2018 Audi S6, it became apparent that there are many downsides to the sill cover. As someone who changes my tires twice a year, I find it frustrating that such an expensive sports car has such a lousy contraption for removing the sill panel. Due to the fact that the sill panel must be removed down and out, I have gained multiple bruises on my knuckles due to scraping my hand and the asphalt below. As the Audi s6 is the mid to premium level of Audi cars, I feel that there should be a much easier way to remove the sill.

In addressing the problem, I have found there to be many solutions. One of which is simply removing the panel altogether. However without the panel, the car would probably lose aerodynamics. Subsequently, no panel would also look cheap and this car is definitely not that.

Another idea for addressing this concern is using a sliding mechanism for the sill held in place by a button. I feel that this idea can keep costs low and make it easier for the person removing the sill panel. With only an outwards motion after pressing the button, the person removing the sill is less likely to scrape hand on the surface the car is laying on. 

My final idea is less cost efficient, however, it reflects what a car of this caliber should have. I believe that the entire sill panel should be able to pull out using a hydraulic arm that links with the cars electronic system. I would also be fine if the entire sill moved when a lever  is pulled near the lever that opens the car’s hood.

In order to evaluate the best option necessary, I feel that a survey would be sufficient. As someone who has already tested individuals in changing a tire. I am well aware that the sill cover is one of the largest areas that impede a owner from changing their own tire on a 2018 s6. I feel that Greenwich Audi is a great place to get information about peoples feelings towards the sill panel. If I were to interview a bunch of people involved in removing tires every winter and summer, I feel that I could get lots of information on how there is a problem and how it could be fixed in the future.

I am committed to giving your company the utmost attention in these next coming weeks and will let you know the information that I am able to get through my feasibility report. If you find this interesting let me know how you can help and I will work you into my schedule. 

One Deeper: Deliberate Abuse Of People On The Spectrum Op Ed

26 April 2021

In writing an Op Ed I chose to shine a light on the deliberate abuse of my friend during a dinner conversation. I used logos and pathos in order to provide factors which shaped the structure of my Op Ed. By appealing to emotion through pathos I was able to bring out an emotional response in the reader, regardless of my friends absence of emotional substance in conversation. By connecting pathos to logos, I am able to target a much broader audience and initiate a larger response. Through breaking down this argument by its key contributing factors of logos and pathos, I was able to pinpoint the problem with the situation and hopefully promote awareness of the issues surrounding people on the spectrum with regards to moral communication. While from an outward appearance it looked as if my friend had gone insane, I knew that this situation was not in his control. Upon further reflection I was able to notice that he was just a target of a much greater threat deeply rooted in dark psychology, and I wanted to convey that to the audience.

The main technique I used in my OpEd was pathos. I structured my argument by telling a personal story. The informal nature of my writing appeals to the idea of pathos by relating it to broader topics of mistreatment in the Autistic Community.


One example of logos in my OpEd was the use of the 1944 film Gaslight. After discussing this difficult situation I experienced, Professor Lois Agnew from Syracuse University recommended that I watch this film in order to comprehend the psychological complexities of the argument. I described how Charles Boyer took advantage of a young Ingrid Bergman during a time of weakness. Bergman, having just lost her Aunt to a murder, was completely helpless and emotionally distraught. Boyer played on this weakness  as a tool to seduce her into marrying him preemptively. I related this example to the story of Sal and Kevin by logically pointing out similarities between Charles and Sal with the goal of helping the audience to understand how Sal was using gaslighting to control the perceived reality of the situation. By including the example of the 1944 film Gaslight, I was able to reference a technique credited by the title of this film. Since gaslighting is an established term used by doctors and psychological professionals, explaining Sal’s use of gaslighting helped strengthen my argument using logos.  Since Gaslight is a movie that tells an emotional story I am also using pathos to appeal to their emotions and values.


This idea of manipulating people for their money is not a new problem we have been facing as Kanye West has dedicated a song, Gold Digger, to such phenomena. I could have told this story to make Kevin out as the bad guy, but by stating the psychological behavior presented by Sal I am able to use logos to convince the audience that Sal was in the wrong. This act of social manipulation requires extreme rhetorical advances. In addition to pointing out his gaslighting, I also connected him to an academic reference through the term, ‘mind reader’. By defining this term to the audience and relating it to Sal, I was able to convince the audience that Sal was in the wrong. Due to the fact that applying rhetorical techniques requires a calm and collected thought process, it can be easy for social manipulators to gauge a response out of their victim in order to mess up their thought process. This can be seen when a speaker targets their victims’ pathos. Pathos is something studied by many ancient greeks and points to emotions such as sadness, mania, and elation. I found it very interesting how my example narcissist in my story targeted my friends’ pathos for argumentative purposes. Especially since my friend’s Autism made it difficult for him to even know what pathos is.

The characteristic displayed by this guest mimicked what I would soon find out is the Dark Triad. The Dark Triad is built up of the three main characteristics observed in those with the most twisted of agendas. As someone who has grown up believing that people should treat others with respect, I was astounded that Sal acted like he had no idea how manipulative he actually was. Since Sal was so good at manipulating, I needed to break down the situation in terms of logos and pathos, in order to convince the audience that Sal was using psychological manipulation.

The characteristic displayed by this guest mimicked what I would soon find out is the Dark Triad. The Dark Triad is built up of the three main characteristics observed in those with the most twisted of agendas. As someone who has grown up believing that people should treat others with respect, I was astounded that Sal acted like he had no idea how manipulative he actually was. Since Sal was so good at manipulating, I needed to break down the situation in terms of logos and pathos, in order to convince the audience that Sal was using psychological manipulation.

What was completely missing in this guest’s rhetorical argument was the aspect of ethos. Ethos is the ideals and moral nature of one’s sense of self. Upon first glance, this man Sal hated my friend Kevin. Sal was the type who hid himself behind a facade; scared of what would happen if people actually found out his true identity. It would only become more and more explosive of a situation as Sal continued to prod at Kevin’s Pathos. It is for this reason that I believe that this guest exhibits a tendency to ignore the idea of pathos as he obsessed on his own ego. This is textbook narcissism and should worry most moral beings.


If you care show me some love in the comment section. Peace Y’all.


Minimalism In Photography

Calm down. Collect your thoughts and focus.

As I begin to take pictures on my camera, I have been slowly drawn to the idea of minimalism.

Through doing this I have noticed that my pictures are starting to look more and more like Microsoft Desktop Backgrounds. However, I feel that this could be a unique aesthetic.

Gone are the days of these windows:

Say Hello to:

I have switched over to the MacBook and became a DJ

Or maybe we will go back to just taking photos of wine.

Graffiti And Its Role In The Pandemic Culture: Scalzi Skate Park

Michael Melvin – 18 April 2021

Mini Pipe at Scalzi

During the Pandemic, it may be difficult for people to understand how people are truly feeling in the United States. By reading Grafitti, we are able to uncover hidden meaning to the deeper and darker realms of life.

For today’s blog post, I will be going into the hidden meanings in the Graffiti and how I perceive them. As someone who has been commenting on the current system for years, I have some ideas of how they relate to me personally as I citizen living during pandemic- era United States.

The classic Uncle Sam. Instead of wanting you to join the army, he wants your soul.

Many people in the United States feel drained through social media and isolation. Skaters like to free themselves from the ‘system’. This includes getting away from social media, which represents the sellout skaters who make video games. At the end of the day, skaters come to Scalzi to shred and nothing else.

203 resembles the 3 digit area code for Greenwich, CT

The 203 is a well known area centered in Greenwich, CT. Many artists have come from the area including Kenny Beats, Tom Kenny, and Billy Dre.

Kenny Beats the Cave.
Billy Dre and More Paid Zai

With that in mind, there is plenty more to uncover from the Scalzi Skate Park. Its aesthetic is so seemingly casual, yet elusive.

Scalzi Iconic Box

In the future I would like to see a Pro-Skate Event hosted at Scalzi. I feel like we could set up a mega-ramp or something. That would be sick. If you have ideas let me know below.

Stay Tuned For More!

That’s Just My Baby Dog: Internet Puppy Meme

One of my favorite new Tik Tok Trends is the ‘That’s Just My Baby Dog’ Trend. This trend involves showing off your puppy in the cutest light and has been done by many celebrities; man and puppy alike.

The most well done Baby Dog Trend was probably done by Gronkowski and his little pooch Ralphie. Watch down below:

Ralphie is seen dancing with Gronk, whilst showing off his puppiness.

The original Tik Tok:

This dog is not the cutest, but you understand the picture.

Post Pandemic Pop- up Skate Culture

Michael Melvin – 18 April 2021

During the pandemic, many people have turned to skateboarding because of its low-key positive culture. You may not believe this from what the media feeds you about skating, but no one really cares about what you think. The real skaters don’t care about who you are or what you’re wearing. This vibe comes out in their skating, as they show what I would presume is ‘steez’. This ‘steez’ translates to what those in the fashion industry call ‘mojo’.

Society can be tougher for some individuals than others. For decades these skateparks have become great outlets for outcasts in society. Today we see the next generation of skaters popping up in small skateparks all over the United States. The community we are going to look into today is that at Scalzi Skate Park.

This picture above was taken mid- air with the board directly under the skaters feet. This split second shot captures the elegance and physics defying beauty of the sport

It is always nice to see a different perspective on life. The Scalzi Skate with its counter- cultural graffiti references depicts a harsh reality. I will write about this in the next blog post. Stay tuned for more.

Deliberate Abuse of People On The Spectrum

14 April 2021 – Michael Melvin

 While people with autism may sometimes exhibit behaviors that are outside of conventional social norms, we need to be more accepting and understanding of their perspectives. Oftentimes, neurotypical people will show a lack of consideration, impatience, and frustration when interacting with autistic people. For someone not accustomed to dealing with people on the spectrum, it can be easy to discredit their arguments as statements, when in reality they are just offering information to the dialogue. This kind of treatment can be harmful to people with autism whether it is intentional or not. As someone whose friend is on the spectrum, it pains me to see this play out first hand. Considering this, I would like to delve into an uncomfortable situation I found myself in where a guest was harassing my friend based off of his inability to argue concisely. Due to the fact that this is based off of real events, I have changed the names to protect those mentioned. 

A few weeks ago I was at my friend Kevin’s house for dinner when we were confronted by Sal, a friend of Kevin’s mom. Sal exhibited obvious signs of insecurity, such as frequently discussing his status as a fashion designer. These initial warning signs quickly became red flags when he began insensitively questioning Kevin on personal topics. Kevin, who lies somewhere on the spectrum, was completely oblivious to this guest’s manipulative nature and became very agitated. In the star wars films, Anakin Skywalker is cited saying, “Only Siths deal in absolutes.”  This is definitely true for Kevin, who doesn’t have a neurotypical thought process. He builds his reality off of what he sees and takes offense to anyone who makes him question his beliefs because it could tear apart everything he trusts as absolute. 

Sal’s incessant questioning put Kevin in a situation that he could not control, which made him visibly uncomfortable. Kevin saw his words as an attack on his existence and began trying to stand up for himself. This proved to be a difficult task for Kevin, as he became more and more agitated by Sal’s responses. This guest was like a chinese ping pong champion who specialized in sick short lobs or psychological manipulation. He came here to beat the living hell out of someone’s confidence and he succeeded. 

Initially, I had no idea how I felt about this situation. Eventually I actually became very intrigued because I have had trouble communicating in the past. For someone like Kevin dialogue plays a vital role in putting his perception of reality together. While Sal was obviously insecure during this interaction, that did not make his actions right. Upon further reflection, I realized that there may have been a greater problem at hand. It was not until I watched the 1944 film Gaslight, that I fully understood what actually went down that night: Sal had the audacity to gaslight Kevin in front of his friends and family. 

Gaslighting is the act of manipulating people into doubting themselves. While many great Ancient Greek orators have used gaslighting in the past in order to win debates, we are understanding now that this act of emotional manipulation does not promote diversity in dialogue. In the movie Gaslight(1944), Charles Boyer uses his keen intellect in order to prove Ingrid Bergman’s insanity. Like Charles Boyer, Sal used similar techniques in order to gain control over the dialogue. When Sal was questioning Kevin based on his views, he pushed further even after Kevin appeared to have been upset. Another example was when Sal strategically twisted Kevins words for his own personal gains, this was textbook gaslighting if you ask me. There are many other people in the world like Sal who contribute to the continued stigmatization of autism in society. This pattern of abuse towards those on the spectrum has been going on for years and must be stopped. 

Baron-Cohen coined the term “mind readers”, which refers to people whose personalities revolve around their own thoughts. Sal tends to fit this description well, as he is obviously very full of himself. Upon first glance, I knew this guy was a schmuck. Regardless of his ego, he should have never pushed Kevin to the point of silence in his own home. This is the act of a complete narcissist and it is frightening that Sal is employed.

Through this situation, I realized that it is important to be mindful of how you interact with people on the spectrum. Luckily Kevin had two great friends next to him who had his back throughout this complete disaster. I feel that Kevin needs to surround his Autism with positivity, in order to combat the social stigma ‘associated’ with people on the spectrum. In order to promote better dialogue, neurotypical people must be able to have a conversation with anybody regardless of how their mind works. Additionally, a conversation will go nowhere if you only talk to people who share your point of view. By diversifying who you converse with, you can get a better understanding of how people other than yourself think and hopefully improve the stigma and mistreatment of those on the spectrum.


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How To Change A Tire On An Audi S6 ( With Pictures)

How to Change a Tire on an Audi S6

9 April 2021- Michael Melvin


  • Opening The Trunk
  • Essential Materials
    • Lug Wrench
    • Cap Remover
    • Jack
  • Retrieving Spare Tire
  • Finding and Removing Sill Panel
  • Raising The Car
  • Taking Off The Nuts
  • Removing The Tire
  • Putting The Wheel Back On
  • Lower and Tighten

Opening The Trunk

Open Up your Trunk

Clear Trunk Area and Pull Up on Tab
Attach Clip to Top of Trunk so it Holds the Cover Open

-Essential Materials-

Note: Underneath the Spare Tire are the Essential Materials you will need to Change a Tire(i.e. Lug Wrench, Cap Remover, Jack)

Retrieving Spare Tire

You should be seeing this

Unscrew Spare Tire Lock and Remove Tire
Roll Tire to Wheel

Take Lug Wrench and Loosen Each Lug Nut Half a Turn Counter- Clockwise while Wheel is on the Ground

Take Lug Wrench and Loosen Each Lug Nut Half a Turn while Wheel is on the Ground

Finding and Removing Sill Panel

Locate Sill Panel

Note: Sill Panels Located on Four Points of Cars Base Near each Wheel
Remove Sill Panel (Out and Down)

-Raising The Car-

You will Find the Jack in the Trunk

Refer to Map of Essential Materials.

10. Align Car Jack so that it is Under the Lifting Point

Note: The Cylindrical Side of the Jack should Fit perfectly in the Sill
Rotate the Jack Handle Clockwise; Raising the Car off the ground

Taking Off The Nuts

Unscrew each Lug Nut

Lug Nut

Removing The Tire

Wrap your arms around the wheel and Remove the Tire

-Putting The Wheel Back On-

Fix New Tire On Wheel Base and Tighten Lug Nuts according to Tightening Order

Tightening Order

-Lower and Tighten-

Lower Jack by Turning Counter- Clockwise
Firmly Tighten Lug Nuts when car is on the ground
Click Sill Panel Back Onto Car
Note: Sill Panels Located on Four Points of Cars Base near each wheel

There You have it. You have changed your tire.

How To Make A Matcha Latte

6 April 2021 –


1: Pour as much matcha as you want into a Mug

2: Clean your Nespresso Machine

3: Place one Ristretto pod into the machine and hit tall glass with milk

4: Place another Ristretto pod in and choose small glass with milk

5: Enjoy your Green Tea flavored coffee

p.s. if you want you can add matcha powder on top for visual aesthetic

Ristretto is high in caffeine, however the flavor contrasts very well. Using Ristretto is not mandatory, although its addition will be enjoyed thoroughly. Enjoy your Matcha Latte.

Michael Melvin

Your Online Advocate

Message to Our Viewers

Combating Anti Asian Bias 

As we become aware of the recent shootings, we are forced to look at how our day to day interactions affect people. As a business we are determined to set a high moral standard, so we can bring a new era. It is time for America to wake up and protect our fellow citizens regardless of our cultural differences. Anti- Asian bias is everywhere on the news and this topic can sometimes be difficult for some people to bring up in discussion. However, we feel that it is our ethical responsibility to shine light on the topic and figure out ways we can avoid Anti- Asian rhetoric in everyday situations.

Having Anti Asian Bias in the workforce may lead to a slippery slope dilemma as our employees have a direct responsibility to the ethical narrative of our brand.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

There have been countless reports on race- targeted harassment and violence, including shunning in many communities. Due to the silent nature of shunning, people are able to outcast certain individuals in order to make you feel out of place.

As a company we are doing everything possible to combat Anti Asian bias, however we look to the government to help make a greater change in our communities, so that we can finally enjoy domestic stability. 


Brennan stated, ‘incidents of racist misconduct or brutality’ resulted from ‘unconscious manifestations of bias’.(Brennan 2020). Thus, what you should take away from this is that racism can be silent and sometimes your inactions can be detrimental towards others who need help. 

In order to promote an open culture we need to make sure racist acts aren’t overlooked and educate people on how racism can lead to hate and violence.

Your Local Online Advocate


Ray, Rashawn. “Why Is It so Hard for America to Designate Domestic Terrorism and Hate Crimes?” Brookings, Brookings, 19 Mar. 2021, http://www.brookings.edu/blog/how-we-rise/2021/03/18/why-is-it-so-hard-for-america-to-designate-domestic-terrorism-and-hate-crimes/. 

136. “Hidden in Plain Sight: Racism, White Supremacy, and Far-Right Militancy in Law Enforcement.” Brennan Center for Justice, 24 Mar. 2021, http://www.brennancenter.org/our-work/research-reports/hidden-plain-sight-racism-white-supremacy-and-far-right-militancy-law.