Update Sill Panel On Audi S6

Michael Melvin

18 May 2021 – Greenwich, CT

For a Feasibility Study, we chose to analyze what part of the wheel changing process took the longest time. We then were able to come up with solutions in order to make the process more efficient. Through physical testing and multiple survey responses, we were able to figure out the area where people were struggling the most. The majority of participants became stuck at the Sill Cover Panel.

Photo by fotografierende on Pexels.com

I believe that these covers are inexpensive and very difficult to operate. Personal interaction with the sill covers in the past resulted in my knuckles scraping against the asphalt and drawing blood. Now everytime I remove the sill cover, I bring a pair of gloves so that I can protect my hands. This should not be the case with an Audi sports car.

In order to protect customers from the most taxing step in the entire wheel changing process, I believe that Audi should look at different options for making the sill cover easier to remove. As a sticker to the old glove method, I would be complacent with receiving a pair of Audi race gloves so that I can remove the Sill panel with ease. However, I see an area where people are experiencing trouble and I would like to indulge in some ideas that could fix this unfortunate obstacle.

The first idea draws upon something similar to that of the Thule® origin. When I used to ski, I would use a rotating lock device on my roof rack. Due to the sleek design of the rack overing the catching point, the Thule® rack was the epitome of all roof racks. Ice, snow, rain, and hail; this design was impeccable and always proved to be effective. 

As someone who has dealt with the Sill Cover on the Audi S6 in extreme conditions, I am motivated to make sure no one has to go through the mental and physical hardships that I had to endure. When met with extreme conditions the normal ‘down N’ out’ maneuver was not working well as the entire apparatus was covered in ice. In this situation I just used work gloves, however, I feel that the average consumer would be in absolute agony.

This was, yet again, an example of how taxing the sill cover is and how to improve this situation for those looking to change a tire on an Audi s6.

The second idea draws upon the locking mechanism in your classic and generic clip-on belt. By using a simple snap and lock mechanism, the sill cover can be easily removed with the least amount of extra work. Customers do not like extra work and this would only ensure them that Audi has the best interests in mind when it comes to their premium customers.

The third idea is just a safety net in case you do not get this far. By supplying a pair of nice gloves in the wheel well, you can help owners perform necessary tasks without getting grease and mud all over their fine clothing.

In order to understand the target customer for an Audi S6 I compiled a survey which was distributed to a group of Volkswagen Group Car Owners in order to understand issues that most drivers within this corporation are dealing with. Through responses and product testing, we were able to figure out the areas of the wheel changing process that were proven to be overly strenuous. All subjects slowed down at the sill cover, due to the complexity of such a side quest.

In order to turn this issue into an asset, I felt that it would be best to mimic these examples based on successful products in the past. Due to oversaturation in the markets, you should be fine to use one of these and it should help convey the strive for perfect usability.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

When faced with extreme conditions and decreased mobility of the phalanges, it is custom to use clasps and locks, rather than using whatever the audi S6 has today for a sill cover.

By having participants interact with the vehicle, I was able to help gauge a particular issue, as well as help figure out a possible solution.

Through all of this, I believe that any of the choices would be sufficient. However, I personally feel that the inclusion of nice race gloves paired with slide out button sill covers would do the car wonders. I recommend that you take everything into careful consideration and think about this in the future.


NYRA’s Mistreatment of Animals

13 May 2021- Greenwich, CT

Photo by Zhanna Fort on Pexels.com

As a proponent in combating mistreatment of animals, I was disgusted to hear how overworked your horses are. As racing horses is an old sport, you have much of a grip on your organization and its dealings. However, I would like to engage in a conversation regarding the ethos of the organization itself. 

On your website it says, “Meeting the highest standards in thoroughbred racing and equine safety.”(NYRA Website) However horse racing, in itself, is not a safe sport for the horses. Many horses have lost their lives due to over racing and overtraining and it pains me to think that this will continue to happen.

When I learned last year that one of my favorite horses, Borough Boy, was euthanized on the track, I was in dismay. When you see a horse die on a track, the reality of the sport starts to kick in. Horses are gorgeous animals who should be protected and not raced into their grave. 

Saratoga, a main hub for horse racing, has become a death sentence for many horse averaging about 14 deaths per season in 2020.(Times Union) As the future generation becomes more aware of the mistreatment of animals, I feel that you will need to follow strict corporate ethics in order to just survive. Which is why I wonder if it is even worth backing the malpractice of racing these live animals.

If you want to discuss ways we can make this sport more ethically responsible, you could look into buying NFT Horses. While this is horse racing technically, these horses are Virtual Entities. Thus, NFT horses are a more approachable topic for discussion.

For more information check out this link:


Leave No Trace Eversource

13 May 2021- Greenwich, CT

Dear Eversource,

I would like to make you aware of how your business is costing us extra money, due to the fact that your workers came over to cut down one of our trees. We were told that they wanted to remove the tree because it was old and a liability. Little did we know, but your employees were focused on only the top portion which was in direct range of the adjacent power lines.

As someone who agreed to them cutting down our tree, I was surprised when there was a pile of wood left out for almost a week. The damage done by these trees sitting on our yards is easily visible. Due to the fact that the wood piles were sitting on grass, much of our grass on our front lawn is in disarray.

Also, the wood left on our lawn was a hazard for anyone trying to use our front lawn, including our puppy. After your employees left our property without proper tree disposal, our dog went on a rampage. This was unwarranted as he could have choked on a piece of tree.

In the efforts to promote fair work ethic, employees should be forced to dispose of their remnants before leaving. Each day the log covered our grass and our lawn was slowly dying. At this point it is too late to do anything and we will be spending extra money on growing our lawn out to where it was before your workers went through with their chainsaws and left their mess for us to clean up.

Luckily we called back and they are resolving some of our current issues with the tree that still stands. We were told that the tree would be completely removed. However, half the tree has been sitting there for a week and has been an eyesore for the neighborhood. In order to be more beneficial to the community, I feel that employees should be held accountable for there actions so that such an event doesn’t happen again.



To Those Who Chew With Their Mouth Open

13 May 2021- Greenwich, CT

Dear People Who Chew With Your Mouth Open,

Your actions perpetuate a rhetoric that doesn’t have a place in fine dining. People have spent money to eat at this restaurant. By making a scene at the dinner table, you are killing the vibe of the restaurant and ruin the overall feel of the restaurant. 

An example of this, you may ask? So, here you are… Sitting across from a dinner table with someone with ill manners. Now if that person were to make arguments with food in their mouth, would you listen to them? The short answer for me is probably no. However, I feel that most people would just write off this person instantly as it is not very polite and socially conscious to create a public symphony with a focus on breaking down your food. 

Chewing with your mouth open is also annoying when you are trying to get a task done. If you are at a meeting with a bunch of colleagues and another is chewing food while you are speaking, one could experience trouble thinking over the cacophonic salivating noise. I really do not like it and sometimes even my own chewing annoys me. Which brings me to this.

If you are in a restaurant  and eating food, you should be mindful of the people around you and how your actions may affect others. By opening your mouth during chewing your act of laziness is creating a much louder noise than if you actually closed your mouth. 

All you have to do is close your mouth and all of these problems would be resolved. However, if you or a loved one is an open mouth chewer, there is still time to curb your awful habit. By just simply closing your mouth, you can silence your eating process and look more formal next to your peers. Hopefully, this complaint letter warranted some rational thinking for those of you that ‘Anything Goes’ at the dinner table. The dinner table is not the wild west, it is a place of comfort and a platform for great dialogue. Do not ruin my oasis.



Robo- Calls; A Cellular Problem

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

People are getting so many Spam calls, or Robo-calls as my father calls them, that people don’t answer their phone at their houses anymore. This is especially terrifying, when you have to be reached for something urgent. This upsets me and should be something addressed by the cellular provider. However, the majority of the providers still send Spam to your phone because they feel as if it is not their problem when in reality it is.

As someone who has an ancient phone hooked up to our landline, I hear every single call that comes through the house. The fact that spam blocking technology has not been integrated into the cellular companies to control these types of spam is infuriating. What’s even worse is that now I do not trust any phone calls made to my home phone. Instead, I have to rely on my cellular phone, which still occasionally still receives Spam calls.

With that in mind, every call that comes through the US has to go through a gateway controlled by a cellular carrier. The fact that all these calls overseas can mimic a local number is terrifying and is the cellular providers responsibility. If that phone number is changing its number before it hits the shore, it is dangerous. This should never occur and it is only a matter of cost. The technology is there and you could put infrastructure and controls to manage it. We are allowing profit by these phone companies at the expense of people’s privacy and state of mind.

This is especially worrisome when thinking about the elderly and people with disabilities who are unable to tell the difference between what is reality and what is spam. By targeting these types of people, spammers are able to rob innocent people of their hard earned money. By using pre-calculated scripts, a scammer can earn the trust of its prey and convince them to release personal information. This is unacceptable and needs to be combatted. This is not a matter of personal choice and rationality, but a matter of cellular companies trying to save money so that they can make more. I want to see this issue taken more seriously, as it spreads doubt and perpetuates distrust in society.


Progress Report: Audi Sill Cover

Sill Covers in red circles

My report covers the Sill Cover on the Audi S6. I believe that these covers are inexpensive and very difficult to operate. Personal interaction with the sill covers in the past resulted in my knuckles scraping against the asphalt and drawing blood. Now everytime I remove the sill cover, I bring a pair of gloves so that I can protect my hands. This should not be the case with an Audi sports car.

So far my work has come along well. Since I worked off of my initial usability report, Greenwich Audi has been made aware of my efforts. I actually gained interest from an employee Audi the other day saying they heard about my usability report and were very interested. In response, I told them that I would be doing a sill cover report and if they needed help with the upcoming Greenwich Polo event that I was their guy.

Because of my dialogue with Greenwich Audi, I feel that it will be very easy to get the information that I need to complete the project.

In the future, I am looking into expanding my research into the sill cover. I will compile information on Sill cover problems in the past and research how much it costs to build such a cheap piece of plastic.

In conclusion, I will be finding a cost efficient alternative to what Audi provides now as a sill cover. If I do this right, hopefully, I can get Audi on board to fix this inconvenience.

I think we should put together a report on why the Sill is not helpful, compile a bunch of reviews regarding removing this sill, and provide a solution. This can be done if I actually go out and get enough information from Audi and my test subjects in order to put together the report. I feel that this report should be simple, straightforward, and easy to use. By using graphs or diagrams, I feel that my idea might actually be accepted by Audi and then I am on to the next project.


Delta On Small Business: Shit Happens

Shit Happens draws upon the hardships that every individual faces. Due to the recent pandemic, many small startups like Shit Happens have been struggling to survive due to regulations and social distancing regulations. What once was promoted through expression of art in the form of Hip Hop/rap/trap has now turned into a business marketed through word of mouth. As a fan of this company and a supporter of the individuals who put in work on a daily basis, I was disgusted when a Delta flight attendant told me to take my hoodie off or I would not be allowed on the plane. When I heard this, I started to get really upset and was beginning to stand up for my rights. It was here that my father told me to silence myself so that we could get back home. I am happy that my father saved me from making a scene out of myself because we probably would have been booted off the flight considering Delta’s track record of banning people for similar reasons like not wearing a mask. Hopefully when the pandemic ends, Delta will check their hubris, but we can’t be sure of that.

When one feels oppression in any form it feels terrible. While, there are obviously greater degrees of oppression out in the world. It is our job to protect the citizens of the United States of America from having to deal with any oppressive figures. As one of the largest flight tycoons in the world, Delta holds power and assets beyond your wildest dreams. Yet, instead of providing more for its customers, the company uses this money to protect themselves from lawsuits and pump money into its shareholders based on a dialogue they are perpetuating systematically. This same dialogue is the reason that I was not able to wear my hoodie. Due to the fact that my hoodie said ‘shit’, the flight attendant believed that I was perpetuating hurtful imagery, however that is not the case. Shit happens stands for so much more. It stands for rising up and achieving success regardless of the obstacles people face on a day to day basis.

I believe that in these tough times, Delta needs to show a little humility. As a fan-girl of Socrates I believe that any leader in the face of an obstacle should utilize humility. However, in this scenario Delta seems to believe that they can just hide my complaint letters below thousands of new circulating news articles. Do not let Delta win and help the people gain back their rights to rep specific streetwear regardless of what it says. 

Zed Run Horse Transfer

As someone who believes in Non- Fungible Tokens(NFTs) and their value in our current society, I was appalled by the horse transfer system in Zed Run. Zed Run is a virtual horse racing platform that contains NFT racehorses built and bred to race. These horses are fully built digitized horses with a lifespan equivalent to around 2,000 races. Zed Run, however, is not a children’s game as it has a really huge learning curve. The game features many categories, which play into the overall weight of the horse. These then play into helping the probability of the horse winning in a randomly simulated horse race. Some of these racehorses cost up to 22,000 – 1,000,000 USD, so it pains me to think of how easy it is to make a mistake on this platform.

Since the popularization of NFTs, Ethereum has experienced a boom so big that they are having trouble managing the demand. Due to the increased traffic, websites like Opensea, which is a marketplace for NFTs, have been bumping up gas prices on purchases. This means that if you want to purchase an NFT, you may be paying $200 for the ownership of this ethereum entity. For an expensive purchase that warrants so much in gas fees, there should be an easy navigable platform to race your horse on. So far Zed Run is not perfect, however, the future looks bright.

I actually bought a racehorse recently and had it in Open Sea. When trying to transfer my horse into my wallet, the system automatically popped up to transfer horses. I found this to be a red flag for the platform, as it makes it all too easy to transfer horses on the platform. This is especially dangerous as these horses are expensive and they do not make it easy for beginners. I feel that Zed Run should remove this feature as a GUI from the select racehorse section and maybe add a separate button at the top of the stable homepage. As we are in the initial phase of Ethereum and we are waiting on the new V2 to release any time this summer, it is frightening that the system is not completely easy to use. By making the system streamline, I feel that Zed Run could increase traffic. However, maybe there is too much traffic on the website currently and they are doing anything in their power to help preserve their platform before the V2 update.

Is Delta Using its influence on the market to suppress Freedom of Expression

Delta has been the largest airline recently throughout the pandemic. Due to social distancing and masking protocols, Delta believes they have the right to ban paying customers from its flights if a mask is not in use. This makes some sense to me as someone who has a strong moral attitude towards protecting the health of others. However, I have noticed that some flight attendants have started abusing this power because they can.

The US constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Simply put this is the first amendment and probably one of the most important. Especially considering the fact that this was the first thing our founding fathers believed we needed in writing. 

The more I search through Delta’s search history, the more I notice that delta has been very reluctant to the idea of freedom of expression. And, According to The Washington Post, Delta has been leading the way for other companies to follow in their abuse of individual freedoms. The Washington Post was cited saying, “Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian said in a Thursday memo to employees that 460 people are now banned from the airline for refusing to wear a mask”. 


McMahon, Shannon. “Delta, United and Alaska Airlines Have Banned More than 900 Passengers for Not Wearing Masks.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 27 Oct. 2020, http://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2020/10/26/airlines-banning-passengers-masks/.